Beth Ann Morgenthau has been a NASCAR Sprint Cup team owner since 2001. A. J. Foyt is an auto racing icon and the most successful driver in IndyCar history. With a friendship that goes back over 10 years, Beth Ann and her husband/co-owner Tony were enjoying dinner with A.J. and talking about the future of their respective teams. The question was raised, “If you could do anything, what would you do to make your team stronger?” Without hesitation and almost in unison they came up with the same answer, “Team up!” That one off-handed conversation resulted in BAM Foyt Racing today.

In NASCAR, BAM Racing has a history of providing winning results for businesses such as AT&T, Red Baron Pizza, Serta Mattresses and Warner Music. In IndyCar, A.J. Foyt Racing has an impressive history of winning; five Indy 500 wins dating back to 1961, and as recent as last year’s Long Beach Grand Prix. The collaboration that is BAM Foyt Racing will be a “win/win” both off and on the track.

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